Trees - Muckross Lake, Killarney

Welcome to Tree Preservation Ireland!

A WordPress site dedicated to:

  1. Creating awareness of the importance of trees, including the many health and economic benefits they provide purifying our air, absorbing stormwater, reducing carbon levels and climate change, increasing property values, attracting tourists, business, customers, etc.
  2. Providing information on correct tree care, the problems caused by the harmful practices carried out in recent years by local councils, Irish Rail, Waterways Ireland and landowners, the damaging effect these practices have on trees and air quality increasing the incidence of respiratory illness and other health conditions, in addition to the harmful effect on birds and wildlife. 
  3. Providing guidelines on selecting a tree care specialist with the required education, training and certification in arboriculture and plant biology.
  4. Sharing additional information on trees and how they enrich our lives.  Further detail is available at the above links.
If you would like to become involved in protecting trees and stay updated on tree issues please visit the Save Ireland’s Trees Facebook page at:
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